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Registration is now open for the MPSTMA Fall Workshop at the City of Eagan Community Center set for Wed., Nov. 14. MPSTMA Fall Workshop Chairs Ben Boeding, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company, and Paul Miskimen, City of Burnsville, have put together a program of interest to Parks and Sports Turf managers with quality speakers. The City of Eagan Community Center is located at 1501 Central Parkway, Eagan, MN  55121.

Keynote Speaker Sam Richter, (pictured at left) a nationally-recognized speaker who is considered as a modern day Dale Carnegie and one of the world's foremost Sales Intelligence and Social Selling experts. Richter, also a Hall of Fame Speaker and best-selling author will take something you already know, that Knowledge Is Power, and turns it into reality. It's the "HOW you do it" - using the Web resources you use every day but in ways you never thought possible combined with the secrets of the 'hidden web' - that will truly amaze you (and probably scare you). Reviews of Sam can be found at:

Nick Christians, a Iowa State University professor of Turfgrass Management also will be speaking at the Fall Workshop on Aerification and Topdressing.

Chad Giblin, Research Fellow, UFore Nursery & Lab, Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, will give a morning talk on tree planting and pruning recommendations for the first 15 years.

Roger Weinbrenner,
CSFM, University of St. Thomas, will give a talk focusing on the maintenance of synthetic turf.


6:00 - 7:00 am - Vendor Setup
7:00 - 8:00 am - Registration & Network / Vendor Time
8:10 am - Introductions & Announcements in Room #1 & Room #2
   Room 1 - Part I: Aerification & Topdressing by Nick Christians, Iowa State Professor of Turfgrass Management
   Room 2 - Success Stories Start at Planting: Pruning Trees for the First 15 Years
                 by Chad Giblin,
Research Fellow, UFore Nursery & Lab Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota

9:30 am - Vendor Introductions and Vendor / Network Time
10:30 am - Room 1 - Part II: Aerification & Topdressing by Nick Christians
                 Room 2 - Synthetic Turf Maintenance by Roger Weinbrenner CSFM, University of St. Thomas
11:30 - Lunch
1:00 pm - Keynote Speaker: Sam Richter
2:15 pm - Wrap up, then Network Time at a Local Establishment                 

 To register on-line, go to:

Fall Workshop Sponsors

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Cushman Motor Co.
Midwest Groundcover
Minnesota Sodding Company
MTI Distributing Inc.
Ramy Turf
Reinders Inc.
SiteOne Landscaping Supply
The Tessman Company

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Upcoming Events
November 14
City of Eagan Community Center

January 15-17, 2019
Minneapolis Convention Center

January 17, 2019
Minneapolis Convention Center

Mike McDonald Leads MPSTMA Volunteers at 2018 CSP in Northfield
Mike McDonald, a certified Sports Field Manager at TCF Bank Stadium annually has led a group of volunteers to renovate a sports field in Minnesota as a Community Service Project for the past decade. This year's CSP took place at Sechler Park in Northfield on Sept. 26.
Luke Whittrock, another sports turf manager from TCF Bank Stadium and current MPSTMA vice-president Josh Gerth, Bethel University, led a small group and rebuilt the mound. CSFM's Ben Boeding, Roger Weinbrenner and Steve Berg handled the homeplate area and baselines.

 2018 MPSTMA Volunteers:
Mike McDonald CSFM - TCF Bank Stadium                        
Ben Boeding CSFM - Minnesota Sodding Co.                
Roger Weinbrenner CSFM - University of St. Thomas
Steve Berg CSFM - Berg Enterprises                              
Josh Gerth CSFM - Bethel University                            
Chase Straw - University of Minnesota                              
Luke Whittrock - TCF Bank Stadium                           
Joe Churchill - Reinders Inc. 
Al Hentges - Kromer Co.  
Doug Erickson - SEMA       
Guy Rutter - SEMA                   
Larry Gorman - MTI Distributing Inc.                      
Tracy Closson - Northfield Schools                          
Jay Stadler - Carleton College                              
Jeff Turtinen - MPSTMA  and MTGF

Thanks to the following companies who provided equipment and products:  SEMA, Turface, The Toro Company, MTI Distributing Inc., Reinders, Inc., The Tessman Company, and Kromer Co.

CSFM Exam Available at
2019 STMA Conference

Traditionally, the CSFM (Certified Sports Field Manager) exam has been offered twice during each conference in a written format.

The Certification Committee is piloting the new CSFM-on-line version at the Conference in Phoenix, which is Jan. 22-25, 2019. Those who qualify to take the test can sign up for a spot nearly any time during the conference that fits into their schedule. The exam will be given electronically on a computer. This will allow for streamlined grading, immediate feedback and less rigidity with the testing schedule.

If this works well during the conference, it will be expanded to accommodate those who wish to take it at a location in their hometown.


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Horticultural Science
University of Minnesota

I am originally from Frankfort, Kentucky. I earned my B.S. from the University of Kentucky in Plant and Soil Sciences (Turfgrass Science) in 2010. During my undergrad I worked four years with UK Sports Turf managing all varsity sports fields on campus.

I also interned at Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox (2008 and 2009) and at Paul Brown Stadium with the Cincinnati Bengals (2010).

I earned my M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in Crop and Soil Sciences (Turfgrass Science) in 2014 and 2017, respectively. My research focuses on developing strategies to reduce management inputs and improve athlete experience by utilizing new technologies.

At Georgia, I used field performance testing and mapping technologies to better understand how changes within and between natural turfgrass sports fields influenced athletes’ perceptions and injury occurrence.

At the University of Minnesota, I am currently leading a collaborative project to encourage the adoption of precision irrigation technology and management on golf courses, as well as several other related studies.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or future sports field research ideas/needs (cstraw@umn.edu).



More information and to apply, go to: www.mpstma.org/foy.htm


Apply Now for a MPCA Grant to Buy Battery-powered Landscaping Equipment

Tired of smelling like gas after using your landscaping equipment? That smell is from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other air pollutants, that come from gas-powered landscaping equipment. These emissions impact employee health and the air quality in the populated communities the equipment serves. Using electric-powered equipment has many benefits including:

• No smell – Safer for employee health and more pleasant to work with
• Lighter -- Easy to use, haul up, and carry across distances and multiple locations
• Powerful -- Equal performance to gas in most applications
• Saves money -- No more buying gas. Save lost productivity from less maintenance and time spent in the shop as well down time from flooding.
• Safer for employees -- Reduces respiratory health impacts, lessens hearing loss, eases cord and lifting-related injuries, and reduces cuts and burns
• Battery life - Often a short charge time and battery lasts for hours

Up to $300,000 in grant funding available to switch from your old, 2-cycle gasoline to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

The maximum grant amount is $24,000. There is 50% matching funds for scrapping your equipment to be replaced, and a 70% match to keep your current equipment. Example equipment: pole saws, string or hedge trimmers, leaf and backpack blowers, mowers, and chain saws. Eligible applicants include all Minnesota-based businesses under 500 employees, governmental agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, or trade groups/associations. Special consideration given for targeted applicants in environmental justice and highly urbanized areas. The easy, 2-page application has a calculator to help you figure out emissions -- all you need to know is the horsepower, hours used annually, and estimated remaining life left on your gas engine. The calculator does the rest!

Apply now! Deadline: December 5, 2018.

Projects of all sizes encouraged to apply! Find grant materials on the MPCA grants to improve air webpage. For general questions, contact kari.cantarero@state.mn.us or 651-757-2875. Over $15,000 has already been awarded to organizations switching to battery-powered landscaping equipment. These purchases reduced VOCs by 11.3 tons, NOx by .04 tons, and PM by .33 tons per year. The estimated 20,000,000 small engines sold each year in the U.S. are the largest single contributor to non-road emissions. The average gasoline push mower creates 14.76 pounds of air pollution an hour – the same amount of pollution as driving your car for 200 miles. Landscaping equipment emissions are not regulated and a large contributor to bad air quality, which is why the MPCA is relying on voluntary efforts to reduce these emissions in populated areas.

Note: "The City of St. Louis Park was awarded this grant this past Spring and purchased 21,000.00 dollars of electric Stihl power tools." - Rick Beane

JANUARY 15, 16 & 17, 2019
Minneapolis Convention Center



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Tom Thul


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