Community Service Project

Does Your Baseball/Softball/Soccer/Football Field or Playground Need to be Renovated?
The Minnesota Park and Sports Turf Managers Association has the answers! We will select a field from entries submitted and provide the labor for the renovation project. Some materials will be donated or provided at a reduced cost. Volunteers from your organization will be needed to perform the renovation project as well as to care for the field after the renovations are complete.

+ Seeding + Sodding + Topdressing + Aerifying + Mounds + Homeplate + Skinned Areas + Irrigation Repair + Grass Areas + Field Layout

Enter your field by completing the following questions or printing off and completing the form below.

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Call Mike McDonald CSFM at (612) 328-5812 or the MPSTMA office with questions about this project.

Printable Application:

In 2019, Osseo's Memorial Field was Renovated by MPSTMA!
On September 25, more than 30 people volunteered their time and efforts at this year's MPSTMA Community Service Project at Memorial Field in Osseo. 
A special thanks to our participating vendors. Without their help and equipment, not nearly as much would have been accomplished. Tom Groh and his staff from Minnesota Sodding Company went beyond what was expected. Steve Berg, Berg Turf, was also a tremendous asset. Special thanks to Plaisted Companies and The Tessman Company for their contributions.

Nine Certified Sports Field Managers from MPSTMA were on-hand to renovate Memorial Field in Osseo.
From left to right: Ben Boeding, Minnesota Sodding Company; Mark Kruse, City of Lakeville; Reid Johnson, St. Paul Academy & Summit School; Mike McDonald, Unviersity of Minnesota / TCF Bank Stadium; Roger Weinbrenner, Minnesota Sodding Company; Matt Grosjean, Independent School District #179; Joshua Gerth, Bethel University, and Tom Rudberg, Minnesota Sodding Company. The ninth CSFM was Steve Berg, Berg Turf, who was there for most of the day but missed the photo opp.

Complete Volunteer List:
1. Mike McDonald, CSFM, University of Minnesota / TCF Bank Stadium
2. Ben Boeding, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
3. Roger Weinbrenner, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
4. Tom Groh, Minnesota Sodding Company
5. Tom Rudberg, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
6. Kent Harris, Minnesota Sodding Company
7. Steve Berg, CSFM, Berg Turf
8. Joshua Gerth, CSFM, Bethel University
9. Dillon Crum, Bethel University
10 Tim Anderson, Bethel University
11 Larry Gorman, MTI Distributing Company
12. Terry Young, MTI Distributing Company
13. Bob Frank, MTI Distributing Company
14. Reid Johnson, CSFM, St. Paul Academy & Summit School
15. Matt Grosjean, CSFM, ISD #197
16. Tom Thul, The Tessman Company
17. Tom O'hern, Pioneer Athletics
18. Mike Kelly, Twin City Seed Company / Environmental Agrinomics
19. Mark Kruse, CSFM, City of Lakeville
20 Joe Bronk, City of Lakeville
21 Mark Roschton, City of Lakeville
22. Chase Straw, University of Minnesota
23. Tom Shaw, ISD #279
24. Tyler Moseng, ISD #279
25. Jesse Phenow, ISD #279
26. Mark Klimer, ISD #279
27. Jesse Phenow, ISD #279
28. Bob Anderson, City of Osseo
29. Scott Bernardson, City of Osseo
30 T. J. Mattson, City of Osseo
31 Jeff Wolff, Osseo Baseball Parent
32 Greg Nimms, Osseo Baseball Parent
33. Joe Lavin, Osseo Baseball Coach / Teacher
34. Bill Quan, Osseo Schools Activities Coordinator
35. Jeff Turtinen, MPSTMA
++ a number of kids who will be using the field!