Totaling $1,750,516 Since 2001
MTGF Donated $100,000 Towards 2020 Turf & Grounds Research;

or 2020, the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation proudly donated $100,000 towards Minnesota Turf and Grounds research. Since 2001, the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation has donated $1,750,516 towards turf and grounds research. In March of 2020, the MTGF Board of Directors approved two funding requests at its March Board Meeting. The MTGF Board approved a donation of $50,000 towards support of  the University of Minnesota Research Program. The MTGF Board also approved funding of $50,000 towards support of the University of Minnesota Departments of Forest Resources & Plant Pathology. The Board feels the continued research and operations at the University of Minnesota is a major benefit to the Green Industry. More information at