Welcome to the Minnesota Park and Sports Turf Managers Association!

The Minnesota Park and Sports Turf Managers Association serves the entire Minnesota Park and Sports Turf industry. The mission of the MPSTMA is to encourage the collection and dissemination of scientific, educational and applied knowledge through association with those persons engaged in, and who are concerned with, the construction, maintenance and use of park and sports turf areas for high quality and safe playing conditions. 

Upcoming Events
Wed., March 11
MPSTMA Spring Workshop
University of Northwestern
St. Paul, MN

Fri., April 24
Retirement Party
For: Kevin Manley, Mike McDonald CSFM
and Tom Rudberg CSFM

Venue: Station 280/Minneapolis
All are welcome to attend
Hours: 3-6 pm

Wed., May 6
Community Service Project
City of Buffalo Baseball Field
All are encouraged to participate

Tues., June 2
Open House
Town & Country Fence
Brooklyn Park, MN
MPSTMA members invited

Thursday, July 16
Royal Golf Club
Lake Elmo, MN

Thursday, August 13
MTGF / UM Field Day
TROE Center & UFORE Nursery
St. Paul, MN

Wed., November 18
MPSTMA Fall Workshop
Brackett's Crossing CC
Lakeville, MN

Minnesota Twins Head Groundskeeper Larry DiVito
Offering a "First 10 Years at Target Field" Presentation
At the March 11 MPSTMA Spring Workshop

The MPSTMA Spring Workshop is set for Wed., March 11 at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Minnesota Twins head groundskeeper Larry DiVito will give a presentation about the "First 10 Years at Target Field." Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Grounds & Facilities Manager at Iowa State will be on hand to give a talk about "Mentoring the Next Generation of Turf Managers."  Derek Hollanitsch and Marcus Campbell, City of St. Paul, have put together a presentation and video on winter setup of a hockey rink and slide at CHS Field in St. Paul. The presentation will also share experiences of lessons learned in 30 years of park work. Derek has been with the City of St. Paul since he was 15 years old and 30 years later, he never left. This will be a great, relevant presentation for those working at municipalities. Michael Richard, Mississippi State University, will share his thoughts on how to teach coaches and field users about field maintenance. Dominic Petrella, University of Minnesota, will host a session titled: "
Understanding and Managing Turfgrasses Under Shade." Dominic is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota working in the turfgrass science group with Dr. Eric Watkins. Dominic's research is focused around turfgrass responses to environmental stresses, with particular interest in turfgrass responses to light. Specifically, as part of the turfgrass breeding program at the UMN, Dominic is working towards better understanding conditions under shade and using this information to breed better turfrgasses for shaded areas. A Roundtable is being planned for the afternoon with a focus on salt brines and pre-treating - what works and what doesn't.

The Roundtable - Member Request
The MPSTMA Spring workshop committee is in search of facilities to share their experiences with Salt Brines and Pretreating of  sidewalks, trails and parking lots.  Either send in the information or bring a few pictures/powerpoint slides to present at the Spring Workshop.  We have included some questions below as a guide.  

+ Which products do people use? (Anyone try beat juice or molasses based products?)
+ Anyone make their own or just buy the pre-mixed products?
+ What factors do you use to determine when to apply? (i.e. temperature, amount of snow forecasted)
+ When do you apply? (day before, two days...)
+ What equipment do you use?
+ How have the results been?
Please send any questions or information about the Roundtable to: [email protected].

6:30 am - Doors open

7:00 - 8:00 - Registration and Vendor Time
8:00 - 9:50 - Breakout Sessions:

Room 1
"Improving Sports Fields: Educating and Connecting with Coaches" - Michael Richard, Mississippi State University
"Mentoring the Next Gneration of Turf Managers" - Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Iowa State University

Room 2
"Understanding and Managing Turfgrass Under Shade" - Dominic Petrella, University of Minnesota
"CHS Field Winter Setup & Derek's Do's & Dont's in Pictures" - Derek Hollanitsch, City of St. Paul, and Marcus Campbell, St. Paul Saints
9:50 - 10:10  Vendor Introductions
10:10 - 11:00 Vendor Time
11:00 - 12:00  Lunch
12:00 - 12:45  "10 Years at Target Field" - Larry DiVito, Minnesota Twins / Target Field
1:00 - 2:00 pm - Roundtable: Salt Brine and / Pretreating


Paul Miskimen Takes Reigns as President at 2020 MPSTMA Annual Meeting
Paul Miskimen, City of Burnsville, is the new President of the Minnesota Park and Sports Turf Managers Association for 2020. Miskimen takes over for Josh Gerth, CSFM, Bethel University, who moves into the Past President position on the Board. Miskimen accepted the role at this year's MPSTMA Annual Meeting on January 16th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Others elected to the Board: Reid Johnson, CSFM, St. Paul Academy and Summit School, is the new Vice President. The elected General Membership Representative is Derek Hollanitsch, City of St. Paul; Paul Kubista, Twin City Seed Company is now a Commercial Member Representative, and Sam Bauer, BauerTurf LLC, is a MTGF Representative. Other members staying on the Board are: Mark Kruse, City of Lakeville, General Member Representative; Tom Thul, The Tessman Company, Commercial Member Representative, and Paul Griffin, City of Woodbury, MTGF Representative. Roger Weinbrenner, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company (MSC), remains Treasurer.

Out-going Board Members include: Past President Matt Grosjean, CSFM, ISD #179; Commercial Member Representative Larry Gorman, MTI Distributing Inc., and MTGF Representative Joe Churchill, Reinders Inc. Reid Johnson, CSFM, moves from General Member Representative to Vice President.

Note: If you are an administrator and paying for multiple people please email us names and contact info and go to: http://www.mtgf.org/mpstma_dues.htm

Didn't Make the West Palm Beach STMA Convention?
Here's what you missed: 
STMA 2020

The Sodfather: George Toma

MPSTMA Fall Workshop Attracts 203 to Brackett's Crossing CC

The MPSTMA Fall Workshop took place on Nov. 13 at Brackett's Crossing Country Club in Lakeville and had 203 registrants. The Workshop featured speakers on relevant topics for Park Supervisors, Sports Turf Managers and their staffs. Commercial members provided tabletop displays of their products, equipment and services. The Workshop began at 7 am with an hour of socializing and networking with peers and vendors along with a Continental Breakfast sponsored by St. Croix Recreation, Superior Tech Products and Midwest Groundcover Express Blower Service. The trio of companies also helped sponsor lunch. In the main ballroom, Travis Gannon, North Carolina State University offered a webinar focusing on the use of pesticide on athletic fields. At the same time, in the Pearl Room, Joel Muller, League of Minnesota Cities gave a talk about onboarding and training new staff. After those sessions, the ballroom featured a Minnesota State Patrol Officer updating the audience on new roadway laws and roadway safety. Joe Churchill spoke about a proactive approach to high performing ball field maintenance, at the same time in the Pearl Room. A mid-morning break to spend time with peers and vendors took place before lunch. After lunch, Nick Ryan, Assistant Superintendent at Brackett's Crossing, talked about the massive resodding and course renovation that took place at Brackett's Crossing during 2019. Keynote Speaker Glen Mason entertained the audience with stories about his Golden Gopher days as a coach and a question/answer session. To wrap things up, Mark Kruse and Mac Cafferty, both from the City of Lakeville talked about the Lakeville's case study: Low Grow, Low Input fescue. Discussion followed. After the event, a number of people ventured to Rock Hard Landscape Supply's social hour at their new yard in Farmington.

Osseo Field Gets Renovated by MPSTMA!
On September 25, more than 30 people volunteered their time and efforts at this year's MPSTMA Community Service Project at Memorial Field in Osseo. 
A special thanks to our participating vendors. Without their help and equipment, not nearly as much would have been accomplished. Tom Groh and his staff from Minnesota Sodding Company went beyond what was expected. Steve Berg, Berg Turf, was also a tremendous asset.

More photos and information about the annual Community Service Project at: https://mpstma.org/Community_Service_Project

Volunteers included:
1. Mike McDonald, CSFM, TCF Bank Stadium
2. Ben Boeding, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
3. Roger Weinbrenner, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
4. Tom Groh, Minnesota Sodding Company
5. Tom Rudberg, CSFM, Minnesota Sodding Company
6. Kent Harris, Minnesota Sodding Company
7. Steve Berg, CSFM, Berg Turf
8. Joshua Gerth, CSFM, Bethel University
9. Dillon Crum, Bethel University
10 Tim Anderson, Bethel University
11 Larry Gorman, MTI Distributing Company
12. Terry Young, MTI Distributing Company
13. Bob Frank, MTI Distributing Company
14. Reid Johnson, CSFM, St. Paul Academy & Summit School
15. Matt Grosjean, CSFM, ISD #197
16. Tom Thul, The Tessman Company
17. Tom O'hern, Pioneer Athletics
18. Mike Kelly, Twin City Seed Company / Environmental Agrinomics
19. Mark Kruse, CSFM, City of Lakeville
20 Joe Bronk, City of Lakeville
21 Mark Roschton, City of Lakeville
22. Chase Straw, University of Minnesota
23. Tom Shaw, ISD #279
24. Tyler Moseng, ISD #279
25. Jesse Phenow, ISD #279
26. Mark Klimer, ISD #279
27. Jesse Phenow, ISD #279
28. Bob Anderson, City of Osseo
29. Scott Bernardson, City of Osseo
30 T. J. Mattson, City of Osseo
31 Jeff Wolff, Osseo Baseball Parent
32 Greg Nimms, Osseo Baseball Parent
33. Joe Lavin, Osseo Baseball Coach / Teacher
34. Bill Quan, Osseo Schools Activities Coordinator
35. Jeff Turtinen, MPSTMA
++ a number of kids who will be using the field!

Sponsor Opportunities
The MPSTMA annually holds events throughout the calendar year that seeks sponsorship and participation from our Commercial Members. The annual events include our Spring Workshop, Tour-on-Wheels, Demo Day, Community Service Project, Chapter Clash and Fall Workshop. Please click the link below if you would like to sponsor any of our events.

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