The MPSTMA  serves the entire Minnesota Park and Sports Turf industry. The mission of the MPSTMA is to encourage the collection and dissemination of scientific, educational and applied knowledge through association with those persons engaged in, and who are concerned with, the construction, maintenance and use of park and sports turf areas for high quality and safe playing conditions.

MPSTMA member benefits:

• Opportunity to network with peers.

• Multiple educational opportunities available to members throughout the year.

• You will receive the quarterly MPSTMA News online newsletter plus one printed copy in December.

• You will receive national news through the Sports Turf Managers Association.

• You automatically become a member of the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation and will receive bi-annual MTGF CLIPPINGS magazine and other educational opportunities and workshops.

Objectives of the MPSTMA:

• To provide members with current information on field maintenance.

• To support educational and hands-on, how-to-do workshops.

• To provide networking opportunities with other sports turf/green industry professionals.

• To engage in community outreach projects annually.

• To provide educational grants that promote the development of the sports turf industry.

• To support research and development of playing surfaces for sports turf facilities.

• To promote development, design and use of related materials and equipment for the park and sports turf industry.

Annual Events
1) Spring Workshop
2) Tour-on-Wheels
3) Network Picnics
4) Chapter Clash
5) Demo Day
6) Fall Workshop
7) Community Service Project

General Membership

Employed by a city, state or educational sports facility.
$65 / year (1) General Membership
$45 / year for each additional membership from same facility.
$25 / year for student membership.

Commercial Membership

Representative of a business providing services or products to the sporting industry.
$100 / year (1) Commercial Membership 
$50 / year for each additional membership from same company.
$100 Full Page
$50 Half Page